Annual Membership Rates for 2022

Membership is exclusively reserved for inductees of the New World Chapter of the Guilde Internationale de Fromagers. You must already be a member of the Guilde in order to pay Guilde membership dues. The term of Guilde membership is the calendar year, and is not prorated for a partial year.*

Or call 541-665-1155 x168 and give us a credit card and we can process your payment manually.

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Name of Member Renewing

  • Compagnon. USD $81
  • Compagnon d'Honneur. USD $108
  • Protecteur. USD $108
  • Ambassadeur. USD $108
  • Ambassadeur Maitre Fromager. USD $188
  • Maitre Honoris Caseus. USD $108
  • Garde et Jure. USD $94
  • Prud'homme. USD $134
  • Maitre Fromager. USD $188

*Guilde membership dues are not refundable.

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